ReSources Zanzibar comes to life as in the form of online throughout www.resourceszanzibar website. The exhibition itself seeks to apply the same principle of delay, to be experienced by the visitors in an unnecessary but suggestive way. While all photographs could simply be exhibited at once, ReSources Zanzibar unfolds one photograph at the time, purposefully and optionally slowing down where others don’t have that freedom of choice, as explained. 

For 176 days, will daily display only one photograph of the Photography Circuit which total is 176 photographs. Consequentially, a new one the next day and a new one the next day and so on, until all photographs taken back in January 2020 in Zanzibar island are shown. This is a full Photography Circuit.

All 176 photographs will be exhibited at once only by the end of each Photography Circuit. The first Photography Circuit was performed in Zanzibar, where analog photographs were taken, as for now, the exhibition starts from the second Photography Circuit in here, where the same analog photographs take place in an infinite exhibition.

keywords: photography · mapping · delay · built environment.

Online Exhibition since December 2021