ReSources was born shapeless, detached and dynamic. Aimed to rethink waste, it mutated from a photography project mixed with digital illustration to installation, sculpture and to intervention even. Today, is a project about waste.

In Italy

This project sees the light for the very first time in Milano, due to finding answers to an ordinary question. What´s waste? Framed as an exhibition, it´s folded with the collaboration of the visitors, invited to take, paint, move and remove objects. Finally the last day in Italia, every piece was taken home by somebody. Absolutely free, the invitation was to wonder, what to do next.

In Nepal

Right after in Kathmandu, ReSources changes it´s form and takes place more permanently, questioning the boundaries of time, resources and creativity. Helped out by a selected group from different backgrounds in a workshop we called Creative Sustainability 2073, we all together built this time in Nepal. Brilliant classroom.

In Chile

After working on a national inter-regional project for about a year, the scenario and materialisation this time was only in Santiago, letting a deep research in Arica, Puerto Williams and Rapa Nui for further execution. The free of charge 9 days workshop for around 13 participants was held in Providencia the first days of August 2018. This contemplated an academic program consisting in playing around creativity and sustainability, tactical urbanism, conceptualization and some other topics, recollection of litter and the build up of a public installation in Plaza Camilo Mori in the colourful Bellavista area.

In Finland

Willing to push the boundaries of the diverse usabilities of waste, the potential and most logical next project will be ReSources Helsinki, natural outcome as it happened before in other cities worldwide. Nowadays, the goal is also to twist the concept of art by art, enriching the action by transforming it on research itself. Other interests are biomimicry, people and site-specific performances. Today ReSources is open for collaborations, funding, alliances and more. Interested? Here